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Atlas Copco introduces HardHat™ compressor with built-in generator


To meet the demands of construction sites for both air and electric power Atlas Copco is to introduce its successful HardHat™ range with the option of an auxiliary generator for the Series 7 range of compressors.

The range of Atlas Copco HardHat™ Series 7 compressors are to be available with a ‘built-in’ auxiliary generating set to offer on-site air and electrical power in a single unit.
The new HardHat™ version with the generator option will allow contractors to drive pneumatic equipment and small handheld electric tools or lighting at the same time, avoiding the costs related to the need for two separate units.
The energy-saving automatic generating set is rated up to 12 kVA and will slow the engine speed to a minimum when it is not used for a predetermined time; providing fuel savings.
The Series 7 range of compressors provide a free air delivery of 32-89 l/s (67-190 cfm) at a pressure of 7-12 bar (102-175 psig).
The HardHat™ canopy has been designed to eliminate corrosion problems generally associated with metal canopies and meet the demands of tough on-site working conditions.  It has been widely accepted around the world following its recent introduction.
The canopy is significantly lighter than the conventional metal enclosure and offers a more attractive and enhanced appearance.
The new housing is particularly ideal for construction site and rental usage.  Produced in UN-approved and recyclable material, the tough, corrosion-free housing retains its appearance even after a couple of years usage and does not require replacement of canopy parts to renew the canopy; minimizing its impact on the environment and ensuring an increased residual value.


Atlas Copco has developed a full range of Aftermarket Solutions to ensure the highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership.
They range from maintenance kits for pre-determined service intervals to full coverage service agreements.
The specific operational set-up and customer needs will determine the most cost effective solution.
With many years experience Atlas Copco can determine the most optimized service request.  Atlas Copco’s well trained service technicians are able to check the operation condition of the equipment under all circumstances thereby preventing failures and costly down-time by proactively replacing wear components.
Atlas Copco’s commitment to quality and reliability can be backed up with an extended warranty program.

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Divisão Portable Air

A Portable Air é uma divisão da área de negócios Compressor Technique da Atlas Copco que desenvolve, fabrica e comercializa compressores de ar portáteis com injeção de óleo e isentos de óleo e geradores para energia principal ou standby em todo o mundo, sob diversos nomes de marcas, para as indústrias de construção e geral. A divisão também atende a clientes em mercados geográficos e segmentos da indústria selecionados com soluções de locação de energia e ar temporárias. A sede e o principal centro de produção estão localizados em Antuérpia, na Bélgica.