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UD+ cartridge

UD+ cartridge

Atlas Copco Belgium - UD  Cartridge
  1. High-performance stainless steel filter cores ensure ultimate strength and low risk of implosion.

  2. Protection paper avoids direct contact between filter media and stainless steel filter cores.

  3. Epoxy sealed caps ensure reliable filtration.

  4. Double O-rings (up to UD 550+) guarantee proper sealing to reduce leakage risks.

  5. Push-on element provides increased user friendliness and reliability.

  6. Thick package of enhanced glass fiber media
    • Based on Nautilus Filter Technology. 
    • Ensures high filter efficiency, low pressure drop, and guaranteed lifetime performance.

  7. The double drainage layer (outer protection paper and foam)  
    • Large drainage capacity which is ideal for variable speed compressors. 
    • The Polyurethane foam avoids oil re-entrainment.